Saturday, October 17, 2015


As all-over-the-place as Ruby is these days in regards to her physical self and her personality, her response to treatment so far has been by the book. Ruby is still at the hospital as we wait for her numbers to drop. (The chemo kills off everything, so in the days following her treatment(s), she has blood taken every morning so we can watch the specific numbers and their trends. After each chemo treatment, we wait for the numbers to drop completely and then go back up. The chemo, the drop, and the recovery constitutes one round.)
Yesterday she had a blood transfusion because her hemoglobin dipped below 80. (The hemoglobin and platelet transfusions are expected during this part of each round.) No complications and she even had an extra kick of energy mom said she played around in her crib and talked to herself until after 9PM last night!.

As great as she is doing, Ruby's ANC is well below 500, which is the threshold for going out in public. (ANC, Absolute Neutrophil Count, is measured based on Ruby's white blood cell count, and the types of neutrophils/white blood cells present.) This means that she will unfortunately not be attending the Atlanta Buddy Walk tomorrow. We still have many friends joining us to celebrate our girl and her friends, and Ruby's aunt has graciously offered to stay at the hospital with Ruby so that our whole family can attend.

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