Friday, October 09, 2015

Oh What A Night

Such a better night last night! After much encouragement from friends, I spoke to the last night's night nurse about how to make things during sleeping hours more restful. (She was half of the team that participated in the previous night's 'activity'.) I had said conversation during shift change when Ruby's more experienced day nurse was there as well, and the three of us were able to figure out a schedule that cut the Ruby-waking interruptions down to only TWO times. Hip Hip Hooray!! She came in probably four times, but was stealthy in her methods and baby girl didn't even stir. (I thanked her nurse big time this morning!)
Needless to say, this morning Ruby woke up in a better mood. However, the effects of the four chemo infusions over the last two days seems to be catching up with her. Her spirits are still high, but her energy is noticeably less. She is still eating enough though, and that is a huge positive. She will receive her final chemo for this round in the form of a shot in about 15 minutes. After that, I will take her out to the garden to see if she perks up at all.

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