Saturday, June 11, 2005

Baby Shower

Today we were fortunate enough to have another baby shower thrown for us. Dave, Carolyn, Tom & Megan threw a GREAT Hawaiian themed shower (to match the nursery) at Dave & Carolyn's house. All of our friends were there, and we received a lot of wonderful gifts. I think the highlight was watching everyone try to identify the candy bar in the 'messy diaper' game. This little guy is lucky to be born into such a wonderful 'family' of friends!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Update on the Hulk

We had our third ultrasound this last Friday. The Hulk is growing right on schedule – he’s up to a whopping 2lb 7oz now. I assure you that he’s stretching everyday – the kicks and punches are now accompanied by a double stretch he likes – I feel pressure on both sides (up and down or left and right) simultaneously. He’s also been moving slower across my belly and started using knees and elbows, just to keep me on my toes – it’s quite the circus act to watch each night. Everything else looks great – lungs, heart, blood flow to him, fluid in there, etc…. the ultrasound tech and midwife had nothing but good to say about how everything is progressing with The Hulk and I, which is GREAT news for us. Mom is in town visiting for a few weeks, so she got to accompany us to the ultrasound, though she hasn’t been able to see much of the ‘circus’ at night – this little guy gets very shy around new people apparently.

Mom and Jen were nice enough to throw us a family baby shower this last weekend. It was complete with frogs and ducks aplenty. We had a great time and received a pile of wonderful gifts. Unfortunately our camera batteries went out almost as soon as we got there, but Lehr's mom was nice enough to take (and forward) a few pictures for us.