Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day O Fun

Ruby was all kinds of awake last night. Not sure what is going on with her, but she moved around a bunch all night, and even sat up and talked/played in bed from about 330-5. (That means I was awake too since my bed is about two feet from her crib.)

Regardless, we both woke up in a good mood around 8AM. After a quick breakfast and oral meds that Ruby didn't even cry until the end of (baby steps!), I put Ruby's bat costume back on. She really likes it! I took a few pictures and then the team started rounds with us. Of course it involved more commentary on Ruby's attire than on her health, but that is a good thing. Her platelets are VERY good (as they should be today), and her hemoglobin is low, but not enough to warrant a transfusion today. That means play play play all morning!
Grandma Cathie came to hang out right after they left. (I took advantage of that time to grab a run, a shower, and change out some clothes for Ruby and I.) The two of them were all over the hospital! They played in the library, made construction paper owls in the 2South Playroom, and danced to the self-playing piano in the lobby, all the while riding in the wagon and carrying around her favorite (at least this week) baby doll. It does not shock me at all that Ruby is snoring heavily at the moment.

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