Thursday, September 29, 2005

Busy Week

What a busy week! Two doctor appointments, one Mom & Me meeting, and lots of walks and hikes! Last week Eli gave me a 'real' smile for the first time. I've elicited a few since then, but he does not perform on demand, so I don't have any pictures yet.

Sunday morning Eli went to his first church service. Lehr and I sat in the last row, just in case, but Eli was pretty good; Lehr only had to take him out a few times, and he quieted down really quickly when he did.

Monday afternoon I took Eli to his 1-month check up with the pediatrician. He weighed in at 10lb, 9oz, but that includes the casts, so it's not totally accurate. (However, the casts don't weigh much, so this kid IS rapidly gaining weight.) I think they measured his length at 21", but again, with the casts it's hard to be precise.

Tuesday Eli and I went to a Mom & Me meeting (support group sponsored by the hospital). It was an excuse to get out of the house and be around people who won't look at me funny when my kid starts to wail.. Then today was the 5th casting. Eli did pretty well again. Only one more week before we schedule the tenotomy; this process has gone by so fast! (Eli's feet are starting to turn out a bit; you might be able to see the 'over-correction' in the pictures from this week. This is intentional.)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Future Hiker

Eli went for his first Kennesaw Mountain hike this morning. As most of you know, I prefer to frequent that trail once a week, but Lehr requested that I obey my midwife for the last four months of pregnancy and back off from any workouts over an hour. (Bottom line: it's been months since I've hiked the trail and I have missed it!) We took Eli there for a sunrise hike this morning and he did great. Granted, he slept most of the hike, but the part he was awake for, he enjoyed. We followed that outing up with another trip to Piedmont Park. This time we met Dave, Carissa, and Cooper. Both boys snoozed the entire time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Cast Day #5

It was cast-day yet again. Dr. Morrissy continues to be encouraged by the progress Eli's feet have made (considering their starting point). We will do two more sets of casts, and then make the decision regarding the tenotomy. Dr. M is confident the procedure will be necessary, so it's just a question of timing. When he applies the 6th set of casts, he should be able to give us a more firm timeframe. Eli weathered the casting fairly well again today; he fussed, but no major meltdowns.

Yesterday was another big day out for Eli; I took him to a La Leche meeting in the morning (during which he was very calm) and to my office to meet my co-workers in the afternoon (he started out sleeping, but woke up screaming). The mini-meltdown was my fault; I'd kept him out all day and he needed a nap (in his crib) VERY badly. I guess what they say is true: babies (and kids) thrive on routine!

Monday, September 19, 2005

First "Bath"

Eli moved up on the food chain today; instead of his normal 'wipe down' of a sponge bath, I put him on a towel in the bathtub and poured water over him, providing more of a 'shower' atmosphere. Due to his casts, we can't give him a real bath yet, so I improvised by putting plastic bags over his casts first (this is how my parents bathed me when I had a cast as an infant). He didn't fuss at all, so I assume he enjoyed it.

HIP HIP HORRAY!!! Eli finally fell asleep completely on his own today! After his 'bath', we went through our usual calm-down period before his nap. As usual, Eli was fighting sleep. I finally had him in the crib, crying of course, and was standing over top of him trying to soothe him. Nothing was working, so I stepped out of the room for a few minutes, in an effort to make him calm down as soon as I returned... After 3 or 4 minutes, he was silent. Of course I ran into the room to make sure he was ok, and he was sleeping!! He must have figured out that he has to calm himself down sometimes: CHECK OUT THE BIG BRAINS ON ELI! (I had the same result at a later nap time today also, so I don't think it was just a fluke.)

Last but not least, Eli had his first bottle tonight. It won't be an every day occurrence, but I did want to give Lehr the opportunity to share in the nourishment of our child from time to time. Eli didn't miss a beat; he took the bottle like a champ.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Big Day Out

Mom went to the gym for a full hour after Eli's first after-sunrise feeding this morning, leaving Dad in charge for an extended period of time (a first). Lehr took Eli out for his first spin around the block in his BOB Ironman (the off-road version of a stroller). Lehr said he loved every minute of it, and even went right down for his nap afterwards.

Today was Eli's Big Day Out. After his morning nap we went out to run a few errands; Eli happily rode in his Baby Bjorn with Mom. After that we went to Piedmont Park (Eli's first time) and took a spin in the BOB again; Eli thoroughly enjoyed himself. Lehr and I decided to push our luck and go to dinner at Fellini's Pizza (outdoor - low key), and Eli slept the whole time. Although he was a bit fussy going down for the night, the day was a big success!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cast Day #3

We went in for the third round of casts today. Eli was not thrilled, but a LOT less fussy than normal. I wonder if it is possible he's already used to the doctor manipulating his feet? The doctor confirmed that his left foot is tighter than his right, but overall he was impressed with the progress his feet have made (after just two weeks).

Once we got home, Eli promptly reminded me that he is NOT a fan of the casts; he's been frustrated/fussy again all day. I guess each week there will be a day of adjustment. He does love walking around in the baby bjorn (by the end of a 40-minute walk he's usually asleep), but as soon as we got home from our walk today, he woke up and started to scream...where are those ear plugs again?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Got Ink?

Eli received his first tattoos yesterday. Grandma Cathie suggested writing on his casts while she was here, but I forgot until an online friend reminded me. So after one of his feedings I did my best to convey Eli's personality. On one cast is his nickname and a plug of his website (Eli the Frog, and on the other is a tribal tat. Lehr followed up by adding a footprint to the bottom of one cast and "Got Milk?" on the other.

After a week of Mom-Mom visiting, we finally got our house back today; all company/family is gone! I don't mean to sound ungrateful; it's just been a long three weeks, and we're ready to start our new life (as a three-person family), which is difficult to do when you have to entertain. I don't have any definite plans for the coming week, but we will be working on getting Eli's eating/sleeping schedule more structured (hard to do with extra people in the house), and we'll be venturing out of the house more (FINALLY!).

David and Carissa brought Cooper over for a visit today (two weeks younger than Eli - soon to be a best bud, for sure). It was really nice to put the two of them together and start comparing. Cooper is much more laid back than Eli...but that might be because he hasn't found his set of lungs yet, as Eli has.

Also, Eli slept in his crib last night (instead of in the pack-n-play in our bedroom) for the first time. He's been napping in his nursery, but at night I've been keeping him with me (so I can make sure he's breathing, like any overprotective first-time mother would). He didn't even notice that he wasn't in with us; much like his father, he can sleep anywhere!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cast Day #2

Eli had his second casting today. The wait at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta was much longer than it was last week; the waiting room was quite full with parents and children. Since this has not been the status of that waiting room in the past, I'm assuming some of the patients were transplanted due to Hurrican Katrina... There were several posts on the clubfoot/Ponseti page over the past few weeks from parents looking for 'replacement' doctors due to unexpected relocation. We're pretty lucky all we have to do is drive 20 minutes to see a doctor for Eli.

I've posted some pictures of Eli's feet so everyone can track his progress along with us. He fussed when the casts were removed, and again when they were put back on, but he did keep his legs somewhat straight for the doctor to manipulate when replacing the casts. My guess is he didn't realize he had full mobility again. His feet looked great; already a huge improvement. Eli has been frustrated since we got home, but less so than last week when the first casts were in place. Hopefully he'll take less time to adjust this week.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Eli is still growing like a weed...he holds up his head on his own more and more every day. He's getting fussier, but it seems to only occur when he is working really hard on keeping his head up, looking around, etc. I think he gets frustrated because he can't do as much as he'd like yet. He is also fighting sleep already. Eli is stubborn like his mom; watch out world!

So far, Eli likes the Baby Bjorn; we've been walking for the past five days. He seems content to suck on his fist and look at the clouds, the trees, or just my shirt (since, in all probability, he can only see 12-18 inches in front of him).

Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Wonderful news for Eli: his close-in-age friend, Cooper, has finally arrived. He was born early this morning, and Eli is eagerly awaiting their first meeting. I think Eli is anxious to teach Cooper a few tricks he's learned since being on the 'outside'.

Godparents to the rescue!! Dave and Carolyn lent us their camera for a few days until we can get a hold of a fix for ours. I've added a few new shots to 'Eli photos', including a belly button pic.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

First Walk

The camera is still broken; of course Minolta's support desk is closed on weekends, and the camera shop down the street cannot figure out the problem. Time is wasting people - I need more pictures of this little guy!!

Eli went for his first walk in the Baby Bjorn today. He was awake for the first little bit - eyes open and just looking around. By then end of the walk, he was out cold.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Grandma Cathie left this morning - it was my first full day with Eli (on my own). Everything went great! He is changing so much every day; I can't believe it hasn't even been two weeks yet! After one of his morning feedings, Eli spent a good ten minutes posing for pictures and observing his surroundings. Unfortunately, after about 20 pictures, our camera broke (we think). That was really unfortunate, because Eli had many more poses in him! After lunch he had another good awake period - this time we had some tummy-time too. He is getting so strong! He's able to hold his head up for quite some time now before crashing.

Eli is quite the wiggler too; no matter what surface he is on, he'll move from facing one direction to another within a few minutes. After dinner we were SO pleased to find our fridge/freezer is broken also. (When it rains, it pours.) Not that this affects Eli at all, but I thought I'd mention it to add some Murphy's Law to the situation. (As well as things are going with Eli, SOMETHING has to go wrong for us, right?)

On a brighter note, Eli finally lost his cord stump today (that thing really freaked me out!), and he has the CUTEST belly button. I would take a picture, but again, no camera....