Sunday, October 25, 2015

Maddux Talk

Forgot to post this when we got back from our trip....That girl!!!
We were talking about our upcoming DC trip and Maddux asked if we could maybe get something while we were there, "you know, to take home?" I said yes, probably. She said, "Good because I want to get a necklace with a palm tree." I said that typically when you take a trip somewhere and get something, 'you know, to take home', it's something to do with that place so that you remember it, and DC doesn't have palm trees. I told her we would look for a souvenir. She said, "I know...that sounds great. I think I want to get a souvenir that hangs from the ceiling." I said, "No, Maddux, that's a chandelier." She said, "Oh I know just sounds the same though, so I said it."
"My favorite things about DC were #1 - The Spy Museum and #2 sleeping."
"The beds were SOO comfortable!"

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