Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tender Heart

As much as I call Ruby "Wreck-It-Ruby" and comment on her rough touch with people (and dogs), she is a very sweet girl and can be gentle at the right times.

In just the last week we were made aware of this twice. The first time was last week when Ruby returned to school after being gone for a month. The rest of the class was returning from Fall Break, which meant it was a little readjustment for them too. Ruby was the first to arrive and (I'm told) when one of her classmates came in and was a bit weepy, Ruby went over to him, bent her little neck to look at his face and patted his back. Would have LOVED to see that!
This afternoon we spent the entire non-dinner time outside. Eli and his friends were playing football which often results in a some sort of injury or tears because they insist on playing tackle even though they are not suited up. Today it was Eli who took a knee to the face and stayed on the ground in tears. I hopped up to check on him and before I knew it, Ruby trotted her little legs all of the way across the yard, up a hill, to check on him too. She squatted down to put her face near his and put her fingers through his hair.

I love that girl.

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