Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Up In The Sky...It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's SUPER ELI!

So I've mentioned before how Eli likes to pull blankets or washclothes or whatever over his head. Today he decided he wanted a blanket on him...his head was the only place he could get it to 'stick' but he preferred it I placed it on his shoulders so he could parade around (with a BIG smile on his face) until it fell off. He had so much fun with this that I decided to tie it around his neck/shoulders like a cape. This was a huge hit with Eli. I had a difficult time getting pictures of it because he wanted to keep moving around to make sure it would stay. When the knot came undone and it fell off, he attempted to put it back on himself, but of course he could only get it to stay on his head.

Foot Update

Eli had a check-up with Dr. Schrader (who took over for Dr. Morrissy at Childrens Orth. of Atlanta) this morning. This was his first appointment since he started walking; the purpose was to make sure his foot was doing the right things when he walks as well as to verify the flexibility is still there. Dr. S found everything to be looking very well and advised that we move to biannual visits from now on. We discussed how much longer Eli will wear the shoes at night and he agrees that as long as it's not a problem with us, keeping him in the shoes/bar while he sleeps until he's four is a good idea. (Basically negates any chance of relapse.) From there, Eli and I went across the hall to get a new pair of shoes and a new bar. He'd outgrown the current ones, but I didn't realize how much until the orthotist measured his feet. He is currently wearing a Markell size 1 and the new shoes are Markell size 2 1/2 (and they are not huge on him either!).

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Happiest Toddler on the Block....No, really!

Cheese and crackers, I'm happy!! Eli had a great day at MMO this morning and I am walking on air! He woke up later than usual, even though I tried to make extra noise so he might wake up 'on his own' before 9AM (I was hoping to drop him off and make it to a step class at the gym....didn't happen thanks to Mr. Sleepyhead). When he finally woke up, he was in a great mood and wanted to play instead of having breakfast, which is unlike him, but who am I to squash a good mood!? So after his leisurely morning we got in the car and sang our way to MMO. I dropped him off and he cried, but only for a minute. (They had Sesame Street on in the corner and I think that caught his attention.) Three hours later when I picked him up I poked my head in, expecting to see one of the workers holding Eli, as they usually are in the late portion of his stay. Instead I saw him smiling and playing with a toy house and another child. HIP HIP HOORAY!!! He didn't even cry when he saw me (which he usually does...kinda like 'i forgot i missed you!!!'). He continued to play until I opened the door and came in to give him a hug and even then he didn't whine to be picked up and showered with affection and promises to never leave him again. He smiled and hung out while I gathered his things and talked to the two women who work in his room. It turns out he had a great day with the exception of when one of them had to leave the room for a minute. He would cry then, but once they returned he was ok. Seriously....I can't express how happy I am that Eli might be getting over this bout of separation anxiety!

Monday, January 29, 2007


We made it through the weekend! I'm not sure why the weekdays are so much easier for me to be 'on my own', but they are. I'm sure it's due to the fact that I'm used to weekday traffic and weekday park attendance and whatnot. I did discover one more thing this last weekend: weekdays are easier because I have online friends to chat with and 'regular' friends that IM or email me. Not so much on the weekend. This made the weekend difficult because I was very much without adult conversation. (Cooper and his parents did take Eli and I out for dinner one night and that was wonderful.) Regardless, the weekend is over and we are in the homestretch now.

Eli and I went to the aquarium this morning. He has not been since he started walking, so as excited as I was I also had some fears of him running off. I pushed Eli in the stroller from the parking deck to the entrance (quite a long walk, in the biter 17-degree cold this morning I might add), and then to the area they politely ask you to 'park' your strollers inside. I knew I wanted Eli to be able to walk around in the large shark/fish aquarium exhibit, but I also knew it would be difficult if not impossible to carry him after I let him loose. So we started with the penguins (which didn't impress him) and moved to the beluga whales (which he kinda liked), then on to the sea lions (which he LOVED) and the jellies (he couldn't get enough). Finally we were to the large open room and as luck would have it, an elementary class was just leaving the prime front seat. I put Eli down and let him explore the tank at his own pace. He laughed and pointed to all of the fish while moving to different areas of the tank for a few minutes. Then he discovered the seats/steps where I was sitting. That became his new favorite thing about the aquarium. Luckily the big room was at such a small capacity I could let him go up and down these steps, while still running back to the fish every few trips to point and laugh, as much as he wanted without worrying about him disturbing anyone. We had close to fifteen minutes of such freedom before the room filled up again and we had to leave.

The rest of the day was spent playing in Eli's room and running a few small errands. Since Lehr has been gone I've also been practicing couch-time/blanket-time on my own each night. I just sit on the couch and knit while Eli is on his blanket. It has been great - he has only tried to get off once on one night. I'm hopeful this means we've really turned a positive corner with this practice!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pure, Unadulterated Joy

How else can I explain what I'm feeling right now? Lehr left way before the sun came up this morning for a well-deserved ski vacation with some friends. The only less-than-desirable result is me on full time Eli duty for five days immediately following a regular five-day work week. Not such a big deal normally, but Lehr is so good about giving me Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) 'off', so I anticipated the weekend of being 'on' full-time might be a challenge for me. Thankfully today (the hardest day due to no scheduled activities) went wonderfully. Eli and I went to Piedmont Park and walked and played the day away. I was so excited to see how much fun Eli had because back in the days before Eli, Lehr and I used to enjoy that park on a weekly basis. It is a great place to go and walk or kick a ball or sit and people-watch.

When we first arrived, Eli was very taken by the masses of people playing Frisbee-football (is there a more technical name for that game?). He sat in his stroller and watched them for a good ten minutes before I wheeled him away. He enjoyed his snacks and water while I walked around a few big loops. At the end of the walk I let him out on the grass so he could run around. Eli was in hog heaven. He inspected all of the trees, all of the bark, all of the leaves... He kept trying to walk back out onto the paved trail though, so I eventually pushed him and his stroller up the large hill so we could run and roll down. BRILLIANT! Eli loved how hard it was for him to walk down the hill. Even more, he loved when his legs gave out and he fell. Even more, he loved when I came up behind him after a fall and rolled him down the hill. Of course, because the grass is dead and dry, he accumulated at least two bags worth on his back, in his hair, in his diaper, under his shirt(s) was almost as bad as sand! This was one of the most enjoyable afternoons we've had in a long time. Even though winter only just got here, I'm already ready for spring so we can spend more of these days outside.

To cap off a great afternoon, Eli and I came home to eat lunch and another surprise awaited me. I've been really struggling with Eli's fruit consumption ever since I stopped pureeing his food several months back. He's usually a fan of bananas, but that's it. No matter what other fruit I offer, the only success I have is when it is cut up and 'hidden' in yogurt or oatmeal. So today, as he turned up his nose at grapes and bananas (great!), and as I was walking through the conversation I would need to have with his pediatrician next month, I decided to try one more fruit. Honestly, I wanted the nectarine, but I thought I'd offer him some just in case (even though I tried this last week with failure). Eli picked up the piece I cut for him and inhaled it so I quickly offered him a bite from the actual fruit. He loved it so I handed it to him and he polished off a little more than half. HALLELUJAH!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Eli & Gracie, Sittin' in a Tree...

Wow. That was fast. Eli has his first girlfriend. Gracie (who was born two days before 'older' woman) has been coming over to our house for playdates for several months now. The two get along for the most part, but today they officially became a couple. After playing next to and around each other for about an hour, the two ended up sitting next to each other on the bottom step of our staircase. After a few minutes Gracie leaned over and kissed Eli on the cheek. He smiled and leaned closer to her and she did it at least one more time. A little while later they were spotted walking across the room hand in hand. (Gracie likes to grab your hand or finger and 'take' you places; that's probably the origin of the hand-holding.) I had the camera, but of course these moments were impossible to catch on film. There is another little girl in the playgroup, but she didn't show any hard feelings over being left out of the love nest.

Speaking of playgroups, Eli met up with a few friends for a new one yesterday. This group contained two other boys, both younger. For some reason this is a challenge for Eli. He is able to be civil and sometimes nice to kids his age or older, but he tends to bully and 'no-no' younger ones much more readily. He did offer up a kiss to the 10-month old little boy, completely unprompted (which was a first). However he spent the rest of the morning taking away toys (which weren't even his, mind you) and saying "NO-NO".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Days Go By...

Of course Eli will not reenact his diaper-trick for Lehr, but he did lie down for me again twice today...a trend is forming.

We had our last swim class this morning. Eli did fine and for the first time he successfully blew bubbles. Usually he will blow a raspberry above water, but as soon as his face is submerged, he takes water in and coughs for a few minutes. Today he just continued to blow, pleasing the teacher and mom equally.

After his (short!) nap, Eli and I went for a walk at the river. This is usually a twice-a-week-minimum occurrence, but the colder, windier last few weeks have prevented that. Eli seemed to really enjoy being out with the dogs and people again. Then he was absolutely A+ behaved tonight with Lehr and I. For those of you who follow Babywise and/or Toddlerwise, we've been working on couch-time and blanket-time combined in the last month or so. We've had our ups and downs, but tonight was by far the most successful ever. Fifteen full minutes of Eli on his blanket and us on the couch without so much as a whimper or a suggestion of an escape. (YEAH!!)

One last note: one of Eli's big Christmas presents finally arrived today. He already received it (out west), but due to Fed Ex holding it hostage for a full month, we did not receive it in our house until now. For several years my parents have been carting around a small rocking chair I had as a little girl. It suffered some breaks and scratches as a result, but a few months back my dad offered to fix it up for Eli. He did that so well that it looks at least as good as I remember it as a child. Anyway, Eli was happy to see it (finally) arrive safe and sound yesterday.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Repeat Performance

One good and one not-so-good.

Not-So-Good: When I dropped Eli off at Mothers' Morning Out this morning, he cried. Actually he cried when I first put him in the car. (It was as if he knew where we were going.) They told me it didn't last long after I left though.

Good: Eli has repeated his diaper trick for me several times today (a few times when we didn't even need to change his diaper). He loves to go to his drawer, pull out a diaper, sit down on the changing pad, lie back, and lift his shirt as he points somewhere between his stomach and the top of his diaper. We have a full-fledged trained monkey on our hands!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sweet Sassy!

Today was a good day. Scratch that - a GREAT day. Eli had his swim class this morning which went as expected: some fun and some fussing. He still won't actively jump in the water, but at least he's not running from it!

The day got really good after Eli's nap. I went in to his nursery to find he was playing with his aquarium (his 'radio') and his pelican toy (he loves to put things in it's mouth and watch them fall to it's stomach). We hung out in there for about 20 minutes, playing with toys and reading stories. Eli goes through such swings with his story time: for two weeks he'll love nothing more than to sit in my lap and read for extended periods of time. Then he'll switch for another week or so and not sit still for even one book. Today he was in the lap-story-time phase. (YIPPEE!!) After a few books he started to walk towards the door (his indication that he's ready to leave his room and play in the rest of the house), so I told him, "Let's change your diaper first, Eli." Eli immediately sat down on his changing mat, lowered his head back and waited for me to come over to change him. (Quick background: for over a month now Eli has been incredibly difficult to change 95% of the time. For no apparent reason, he cries, wiggles, and squirms his way through every diaper change.)

Ahhhhh. Compliance. Not many things make a mom more happy. (Seriously, I was so shocked and overwhelmed with joy at Eli's blatant obedience that I couldn't stop kissing him and thanking him the whole time I changed his diaper.)

Following that wondrous occasion, Eli and I ran to the store and then came home to make dinner. This was as difficult as it always is, considering Eli's desire to have me play with him rather than cook a meal, but we got through it. Lehr came home and we all ate together, with no fights over eating or drinking I might add. To finish off the night, we all snuggled on the couch before Eli's bath, playing patty-cake and 'where-is-daddy's-ear'.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

How Is That For Fair?

I know...I need to get used to it. Used to Eli not being 'happy' with Mommy even though she is the one who feeds him, dresses him, changes him, plays with him, pacifies him all day long. Used to Eli favoring Daddy just because he walks through the door at the end of the day. (This is not to say he doesn't do any of those things; he just doesn't do them when he is not here.)

So Thursday was an especially difficult day with Eli. He did a little better at MMO, but once we were home, and for the rest of the day, he was difficult to say the least. He whined when I picked him up, he whined when I put him down, he whined when I fed him, he whined when I played with him, he whined when I didn't play with him.... When Lehr got home at 6:15, that all changed on a dime and Eli became a very normal, non-whining child. Not just for a few minutes, but for the remainder of his evening. There's gratitude for you!

In addition, last night we went to our bi-weekly Community Group which usually lasts until about 10PM. No problem for Eli; he just plays with the toys and people all night and goes to bed late. So this morning I wake up at 8:00 and go to the gym, which is usually the start of my responsibility-free-Saturday. I arrive home just after 10:00 and Eli is STILL SLEEPING. So I didn't 'miss out' on any of the whining. Lucky me! Seriously....what is Lehr paying this kid?

Tonight Lehr and I went out to dinner while Eli's Fairy Godmother babysat. Eli had Carolyn wrapped around his little finger, even when he told her 'no-no' as she tried to reclaim her cell phone.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Rock Around The Clock

So someone must have been paying attention when I posted about Eli's new dancing skillz. This morning I checked the mail and there was a custom CD full of great rock'n'roll oldies, complete with a picture of Eli on the CD and case, courtesy of his favorite non-related Aunt Linda and Uncle Darol. These two are always sending Eli cool gifts, holiday or not. (Remember the cowboy hat?) Anyway, Eli has had a blast all morning alternating between dancing along to the music and holding the CD case tightly while he inspects it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

One Day At A Time...

So this morning I brought Eli to Mothers' Morning Out and even though I talked it up to him all morning and in the car, I was very worried he'd be upset (as per the last month) because the whole time we were in the car, he was SO wide-eyed and he totally knew what was about to happen. Sure enough, we get to the door of the church and he starts to cry. They didn't have to pry him out of my arms this time, but he still wasn't happy about me leaving. I mentioned to the woman in charge that Eli will be turning 17-months over the weekend, and maybe a change of scenery would help. (They're next room up starts at 17-months.) When I went to pick him up, he was in the new toddler room and they said he was crying a little at first, but once they moved him over he was just fine. I'm sure it helped that there was a small tv in one corner of the room playing "The Wiggles" most of the time. Plus they have much bigger and better toys over there; most of them are more suited for Eli's tastes. I know this phase is not over, but today was very encouraging.

When we got back home Eli and I had lunch which mostly consisted of a banana for Eli. (I swear I don't know how he continues to grow since he barely eats some days.) He's taken to holding it like a grown-up now (with the skin). After lunch he participated in his new favorite game of pick-up-the-rubber-ball-and -chuck-it-only-to-find-it-and-repeat-over -and-over.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Swim Video

Since Eli's last two days have been a bit of a bust due to teething/toddler-tude/you take your pick, the only blog-worthy thing I have is some video of Eli and Tyler swimming on Monday. Enjoy!
Note: You'll notice at one point Eli walks rather determined towards the water only to slip and LUCKILY not hurt himself as he falls backwards onto his head. You can hear Tyler start to cry though (and who could blame him?) because in his ever-so-graceful fall, Eli totally soaked him with water.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde

I've used this reference when describing Eli's behavior (AKA his toddler-tude) in the last few months, but this time I'm talking about his security/insecurity. If Lehr or I are anywhere within sight or earshot, this kid is a daredevil who couldn't care less if Mom or Dad are present. He will walk into crowds of people, he will climb up unknown stairs, he will run around until he is lost (at least where we can't see him)'s nuts! And when he's walking he will NOT hold our hand. However, for the last few weeks when I drop him off at church or Mothers' Morning Out or MOPS, the insecurity sets in and he clings to me like he'll never see me again. Yesterday I literally had to peel Eli off of my chest to give him to the nursery worker (who he knows very well and loves). Yet when I picked him up after church and walked into the huge open reception area, he ran off and never once looked back to see if I was still there. Crazy!

Eli's swim lesson today was a little more tough because Daddy came along to watch. This made Eli want to get out of the water and play, but he still managed to have some fun between reaching for Lehr. Before class started Eli spent a few minutes running in the shallow water, as he usually does. But because Lehr was on the sidelines, he would run in the water and then out, causing him to fall on the slick poolside surface. He never hurt himself (which is shocking considering the amount of concrete present and the fact that he landed on his back/head several times), but he did seem surprised when his feet went out from under him. After the class, the instructor turned on 'the jets' and there were a few fountain-ish water displays for Eli and Tyler to play in. They both seemed pretty weary of actually touching them, but I did get Eli to try once as long as he sat on my lap.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Totally OT: Knitting

So after having the desire to learn how to knit for a few years, and after having a friend show me only for me to start and stop several times, and after buying a book only to start and stop several times, I think I *finally* learned how to knit. There is a really neat knit-yarn store near my house (The Purly Gates) that offered a beginner knitting class yesterday, so I went. I thought maybe I'd be confused since I'd already 'learned' how a few times before, but the instructor was great and the other student and I seemed to pick it up quickly. I came home and did a few things around the house (non-knitting), but around dinner time I got scared that I might have forgotten my skillz, so I quickly picked it up and started again. Since there was a football game on last night that Lehr wanted to watch, I had nothing else to do (other than put away the remainder of the Christmas decorations, or the looming house projects that prevent us from putting our house on the market) than knit. Voila! So far so good! I picked a colorful ball of yarn to start with, so hopefully this first project will become a bee-yootiful scarf in the near future.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Sometimes on the weekend, Saturday specifically, Lehr and I will sleep until Eli wakes us up. Usually Lehr will go collect him from his crib then and bring him to our bed. Eli has never been one to snuggle with us and go back to sleep, but he is starting to enjoy a few minutes of lounge/cuddle time. This morning Lehr brought him into our room and his face totally lit up as he realized Mom was still in bed and we would all be together. He crawled over to me (on the bed) and put his head down on my stomach before flipping around so that he was on his back. Lehr got back into bed and covered him up to his waist with the blanket (which he left there for a full minute!), and we all enjoyed a few minutes of family-morning-lazy time. This definitely qualifies as one of my new favorite things about Eli.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Day At The Park

Cooper came over to hang out at the park this morning. The boys had a great time on the slide, but in very different ways. Cooper is great at getting himself in the traditional, feet first, sitting-up position. Then he usually waits for Carissa to count to three (while he smiles in anticipation) before pushing off. The slide in our neighborhood has a few steep bumps, causing Cooper to lie down flat once he gets going, but he seemed to love it. Eli prefers a different journey. Once he climbs up the ladder, he likes to position himself so he will slide feet first, on his stomach, with his face towards the slide. Even if I try to put him in the 'normal' set-up, he will switch halfway down the slide.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ups & Downs

Yesterday I took Eli to his weekly Mothers' Morning Out program for a few hours. After our last visit, I worried he might not be too thrilled, but I know it'll get better eventually, so I packed him up (after a great morning) and off we went. The poor child started to cry as soon as we walked through the church doors. I thought a few times about turning around and going back home; would that teach him that I love him enough to listen to him when he is unhappy, or would it teach him that all he has to do to get his way is whimper? Ahh...back and forth back and forth. He settled down a little and we proceeded back to his classroom. He stuck to my side like glue as I tried to get him interested in the other kids and the other toys. After about ten minutes I attempted my escape but he caught my eye before I even made it to the door. Eli gave me his best so-sad-and-lonely face and cry, but after one more hug I walked out. Just like before, I hung out around the corner until I heard him settle down. It only took one minute this time, which made me feel much better. When I picked him up, however, the director told me he cried off and on the whole time. She thought maybe he had some stomach issues due to the crying and a little gas. Not that I don't give her any credit for trying, but he was 100% fine with me the rest of the day, so I'm thinking it was just a case of missing-mommy-blues. I know kids go through these phases, but considering how well he's done in the church nursery for a full year now, and at this program for a few months, it surprises me that he's all of the sudden so insecure about me leaving.

On a very positive note, Eli's second swim lesson went extremely well today. I was so excited when we left because I know Eli enjoyed every second of it today. Instead of putting him right next to the slide like last time, I moved him closer to the lap pool and it seemed to work. He 'jumped' in for me a few dozen times, which he really seemed to get a kick out of. The rest of the class he kicked and splashed and 'swam' as much as he could. Before we started, he had a blast walking in the knee-waist deep water. He thought it was quite funny when he tried to run, which caused him to fall and 'crawl' in the water.

One thing I've noticed over the last few weeks, especially since Eli started walking, is how much I am loving this new 'stage' he is in. The clinginess and toddler-tude aren't always preferable, but his new personality and independence are so much fun to watch! Last night after dinner Lehr and I witnessed Eli dancing for quite some time while we cleaned the dishes. We had the stereo on and he was over by the speakers, shaking his hands, bobbing his head, and spinning in circles. Happiness comes cheap these days....especially with 80's music in the background!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What a Pain!

Already this pregnancy has been a little different from the last. I had a little morning sickness in the beginning (which I didn't have with Eli) and when I go for walks or to the gym, the cardio really tires me out, which I did not experience the last go-round. Although 'the belly' seems to be growing at the same rate as last time (I'm not quite showing yet - just getting 'soft' around the middle), my belly button is already trying to pop out. In fact, when I lie down, it becomes even with the skin around it. But that's not the worst of it: my pop-out meat thermometer wanna-be is incredibly sensitive, and it actually feels like the baby is stretching against it 24/7. What fun!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Swim Lessons

Eli started his second set of swim lessons this morning. This time his friend, Tyler, is joining in the fun. The boys seemed to really enjoy the pool at the South Cobb Aquatic Center, which isn't surprising since they have two slides, a gradual descent, and a 'lazy river'. When we first arrived, Eli really liked the fact that he could walk in the water. When the class began we helped the boys kick and swim, float on their backs, and blow bubbles (which Eli has not mastered yet). Then we went to another section of the pool so the kids could 'jump' into the water. This became a problem for Eli because one of the slides was right next to our station and Eli found it impossible to be that near a slide and not climb up. After several attempts to distract and re-direct Eli's attention, he seemed happy to float in the lazy river (which has a very strong current actually). His toddler-tude returned when we exited the pool though, because we passed by the stairs for another slide and again, Eli is incapable of passing by a climb-worthy structure.

So to re-cap: the swimming part of the lesson was great, but Eli is in full toddler mode, so as far as he's concerned, it's his way or the highway.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


As I've mentioned before (here ,here and here), Eli LOVES to help clean up and fix things around the house. Especially when it's Daddy who is doing the cleaning or fixing. This morning he got the opportunity to help Lehr sand down a few patches on the walls in preparation for painting. (I only hope he's as eager to help me when I pull out the paint brushes on Tuesday.) He thoroughly enjoys using the big tools and cleaning supplies, just like Daddy. No matter what the chore, big or small, as soon as Eli hears one of us go into the laundry room or garage for supplies, he comes running.

Also, I left the boys alone tonight; it looks like Eli has another favorite baseball team:

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Donation Corner: Make It A Double

This month I'm spotlighting two charities that are both well-deserving, but also somewhat linked in their purpose. First up is the Ronald McDonald House. RMHC focuses on helping families who are in need due to medical expenses and travel. Often times when children become ill families travel far away from home seeking treatment and specialists. The financial burden of hospital bills, physicians, hotels, rental cars, etc. causes a strain on an already worried and stressed family. The Ronald McDonald House Charities aim to provide a "home away from home" for these families while they receive treatment at nearby facilities. Since beginning in 1974, more than ten million families around the world have benefited from the comfort provided by a Ronald McDonald House.

This charity is near and dear to my heart because had we traveled to Iowa City to visit Dr. Ponseti while treating Eli's clubfeet, this option would have been available to us. We are extremely lucky to have three practicing Ponseti-trained doctors in Atlanta, but many people don't have three doctors in their state, let alone their city. Their only option is to travel to Iowa and stay for 4-6 weeks while their child(ren) are treated. The room and board cost alone for that would be astronomical (nevermind the fact that work is being missed). If you would like to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, follow the link above, or donate to the Iowa City branch.

The other charity is Angel Flight America. Angel Flight America helps arrange free flights in small, private airplanes for patients and their families
seeking medical treatment. (Free flights are also arranged in the event of a national crisis.) In 2005 alone, the corps of over 7, 200 volunteer pilots and outreach volunteers arranged over 18,000 flights for children and adults in need. Again, had we not been able to afford the travel accommodations to Iowa City, Angel Flight would have been available to us; it is another very worthy organization.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Second Midwife Visit

Eli and I went to see the midwife today. I knew it would be a short appointment, so I figured it was safe to bring him. He was very antsy, and not too happy to wake up early to make it on time, but all in all he did ok. (He even let the midwife hold him while the other midwife found the heartbeat on the doppler.) At the 'heartbeat' appointment with Eli, the midwife found it right away - literally as soon as she touched my stomach. This time it took several minutes, which is quite normal considering the baby is just over two inches long. Once she found it, the heartbeat was strong and loud. (BTW, Eli was very fascinated by this whole process.) Photo is 13+weeks.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


So I think we've waited long enough to clue everyone in. Eli will be a big brother in the first week or so of July (depending on which midwife or nurse I listen to). Lehr and I are very excited, though Eli seems to be a big possessive of his parents and his toys these days, so I'm not sure of his level of enthusiasm. We've opted to not find out the gender this time, so the name and the sex will both be revealed when this little one decides to join us. I've started another blog (of course), which will be fairly uneventful until July, but is established nonetheless. Lehr suggests I combine them, so save time for me and everyone else. We'll see how it goes once July hits; for now Eli still maintains his own 'ele5' place in cyberspace.

Monday, January 01, 2007

First Sleep Over

Eli hosted his first sleep-over last night; Cooper and his parents came over to celebrate New Year's Eve. We had dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant where the boys ate tofu and behaved themselves for at least an hour. After that we headed home so Eli and Cooper could play before we put them in the bath together. They did pretty well considering they're both used to bathing solo. I did notice a few times during the night when Eli said "No-No" to Cooper as he played with Eli's toys. So much for the 'nice' no-no.