Monday, October 26, 2015

It's About Time

Lamentations 3:25-26  The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

Yet another Monday in the hospital.... Lehr stayed with Ruby for the last 36 hours, during which time she did have a fever. With no immune system, it's hard to fight off germs, in or out of the hospital! Her temp went back down quickly, but she still has to receive antibiotics every eight hours, which started Saturday night. That also means she is hooked up to an IV fluid 'pole' that makes being 2-years old hard. Lehr was able to get her to ride on the cart to move around the hospital yesterday, but so far today, she's not having much of that. (Lehr also got a lot of extra cuddles from his girl who was feeling a little extra snuggly during her fever.)
Ruby's blood work this morning showed great news: instead of '0' (where it's been stuck since last Sunday), Ruby's ANC is now at 47! A far cry from the 500 we want it to be before we leave the hospital, but once this number starts to move, it tends to move quickly. Even more promising is the monocyte increase. I believe the team quoted a 20% jump in them in the last day, which is associated with recovery from an infection (fever). The team is confident we will go home by the end of the week (yes, we've heard that before). I also asked about her being unhooked for her wake hours and we will be granted that wish after she receives hemoglobin this afternoon.

Ruby's cycles of treatment should last 28 days from day 1 chemo start to day 28 being the her fully recovered and ready to start another round. Tomorrow is day 28 for her, so it's safe to say we will not start round 3 on this Wednesday, as originally planned. Delays in the schedule are typical and usually come in this fashion: fever/infection delaying the number recovery portion of the cycle. Today the team said based on her going home this week, she would start round 3 next Wednesday.
Nothing is ever set in stone with this process, but if this recent schedule change is true, Ruby will be home for Halloween which is oh-so cool. We had a back up plan in place, but I'm excited to not have to use it. Her treatment and hospital stays will coincide with Thanksgiving and Christmas as well, but I feel those holidays will be slightly easier to work around. Since we celebrate both of those inside of our house and they are independent on others, if we need to celebrate a few days early or late, so be it. But Halloween, the trick-or-treating part anyway, is very dependent on others. Ruby wasn't walking last year, so this will be her first real trick-or-treating experience. I am so excited at the possibility of her being home! Seems His timing is always perfect, even when I do NOT wait quietly or patiently.

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