Monday, January 17, 2005


Today we went for our first pre-natal appointment. My doctor confirmed our positive test and gave us WAY more information about the months to come than either of us was ready for. We took the rest of the day off and made calls to family and friends. I think my mom had finally backed off (and maybe given up?) on the grandchild issue with us, so she was hesitant to guess our news, but once we told her, she and my dad were ecstatic. Lehr's mom was also very excited and congratulated us both. David and Carolyn were surprised, but thrilled. (David didn't believe us at first; he thought we were totally pulling his leg.) The biggest surprise was when we told another couple we're close with. They reciprocated with 'expectant' news of their own. It turns out they are only a few weeks behind us in the pregnancy calendar! That was great news for us because it meant we wouldn't be going into this next 'life stage' alone (we currently do not have any friends or family living near us with young kids).