Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Officially Unofficial

Two forms of rounds today....one with the Nurse Practitioner that Lehr and I have found the most consistency with so far and one with the Team. Both gave mostly similar reports, so that's something! As usual, the team gives us information and we follow up with plenty of questions (which the team answers), but all plans are subject to change if counts stop rising or another fever spikes.
Ruby's ANC is up from 47 (yesterday) to 90 (today). The mono's are still looking good as well. The plan is for her to be released tomorrow or Thursday; ideally her ANC would be over 200 and rising to go home. She would then be home through the weekend and return next Wednesday to have a lumbar puncture and start round 3 of chemo. She could only have to stay five days for that chemo round; once the 96-hour drip is completed, she should be able to go home.

Ruby's appetite has dropped in the last few days, starting around the time of her fever. She ate alright over the weekend, alternating big and small meals, but so far this week she's only eaten little meals. No real concern as she is still eating and drinking....it's just a challenge to find what she'll eat at any given meal.
So until we leave, we'll continue to move around slowly while we are hooked up to fluids or antibiotics. Thankfully some clowns came to break up the boredom for a few minutes yesterday!

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