Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eli's Feet

I am posting this on the "Eli's Feet" page, to the right. It shows the progression of treatment for Eli and his current state. My hope is that it will also ease the minds of the many parents who email me about clubfeet and how it will affect their baby when it comes time to walk/crawl/pull up.

When Lehr and I first found out about the potential for Eli to have clubfeet, we were very encouraged by the information we found online, mostly posted by parents of children also affected. Once I began blogging about Eli's treatment I immediatly started receiving emails weekly from other parents-to-be, or friends of parents, or neighbors of a family, thanking me for providing Eli's story and other (useful) information. I can honestly say that documenting his process and helping other families dealing with this has been (and will continue to be) a pleasure. I consider it more of a 'pay-it-forward' type of service considering we were once in the shoes of those who are uncertain what the future holds for their child(ren)'s feet. What I'm trying to say is Thank You to everyone who has left comments or sent an email regarding the posts about Eli's feet. When I hear the stories about successful treatment and the process a friend or family member has gone through with clubfeet reminds me why I keep Eli's website public. More importantly, I'm so thankful that what I've posted is helping someone.


Julie said...

Your son is very cute!!! Thanks for posting the video. I've been showing friends and family your site so they can see what club feet is and how they treat it.

beth said...

Amazing. I just want to tell you how much I've learned from your site by clicking on those links over there. I am always inspired by Eli, how far he has come, how resilient he is, and by your commitment as parents.

Kaci (nokitty00) said...

I don't comment often, but a friend on webMD gave me your link after we found out Matthew would be born with clubfeet. It was so encouraging to see Eli's progress and you also provided great links. Now that I am over the fear of the unknown, I guess I'm just an Eli stalker...I love reading your blog :)

No blog but you can see pics/video at the site link.