Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Last Day of Freedom

Ruby is crazy healthy, so of course she went to school again today. If you didn't know better, you'd never guess that tomorrow morning she'll be back in the hospital, hooked up to a chemo drip!

As she raced into her classroom this morning (after passing a sea of teachers and staff that were AGAIN wearing their "Ruby is a Gem" shirts), I grabbed her for a quick kiss, because she never gives me one in her rush to start her school day.

I came back to the school about 40 minutes early so I could park near the playground and watch Ruby's class during their outside time. Not wanting to let on to Ruby that I was there, I stayed in my car, but still got a pretty good look at all of the fun she was having with her friends. She isn't able to navigate the equipment as well as many of the other kids, but she still tries to climb the rock wall so that she can go down the slide. It was cool to see her moving around and trying to keep up with the rest of the kids!

Just before that, I had lunch with Eli. It was a surprise to him, which made it that much better. He did ask when Ruby would be able to come have lunch with him....sometimes I forget how much they miss the 'normal' with her.

Ruby chatted in the backseat the entire ride home; she is so much more vocal after being at school! I cannot wait to see what the winter/spring has in store for that girl!

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