Sunday, October 18, 2015

Buddy Walk 2015

This was Team Ruby's second year participating in the Buddy Walk. We were so blessed again with a day of amazing (AMAZING!) fall weather. Sunny, but only about 60 degrees...couldn't ask for better!
Due to Ruby's hospitalization, she could not attend the event, but I did order a big 'Phat Head' to bring with us to the park. It seemed to help our friends find our tent, as well as represent the reason we were there.
We had a different crowd from last year; some friends were able to attend again, but many had sports rescheduled for this afternoon due to the crazy amounts of weekend rain we've had this fall. And yet our overall numbers barely dropped because so many awesome new friends joined Team Ruby! From friends at church, to friends from Gigi's, to friends from boot camp, to neighbors, to classmates of the older kids...even Ruby's favorite therapy dog (and parents!) came to walk in her name!
Our group picture was missing four or five families that attended earlier than the photo time; 94 is my best count of total Team Ruby attendees for the day. Crazy! (Aunt Megan stayed at the hospital with Ruby so that our whole family could be at the cool.)
Team Ruby raised over $5600! Our goal was $5000, and I thought that was a lofty one, but everyone was crazy generous with their donations. We know first-hand how much those donations benefit the Down syndrome community in Atlanta; so grateful for everyone!
Eli said several times, "I wish Ruby was here". So true. That girl would have had an absolute blast this year, but she'll be back next year with a spring in her step.

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