Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I've posted before about how much Ruby attending school means to me, but it's no longer just about her attending any school. Now, more than ever, I want her to complete her treatments so she can attend this school.
Ruby's preschool has welcomed her from the very beginning, but the last three weeks, especially today, go beyond just that....now they are full-on embracing her. While she was in the hospital, the director, her teachers, and several parents reached out with cards and emails. One of the other teachers/staff made this awesome ribbon for all staff to wear in recognition of Childhood Cancer month, specifically supporting Ruby (hence the ruby in the middle).
Today when I brought Ruby in for her 'cameo' (her one school day sandwiched between long hospital stays), we were greeted at the door by a staff member wearing a red "Ruby is a Gem" shirt. And then we saw another. And another. Every single staff member was wearing a Ruby shirt. And then I saw a few parents wearing them. And kids! Ruby's class was all decked out in red or Ruby shirts. (And Ruby went right in and started with Play-dough like she'd never missed a day.)


Just so you know, this non-crier barely made it to the car before the tears came. I called Lehr and could barely relay to him what had transpired.

And when I went to pick her up there were MORE parents, and cards, and support, and love.
As much love as this little girl gives out, she is receiving back right now.

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