Monday, September 28, 2015


I know my updates have been next to nonexistent in the last week. We've been too busy enjoying all things 'typical' in our life! And how perfect that Ruby's release lined up with the kids' school Fall Break.
First off, Ruby has only been home a week but it feels like a month. What a blessing!! We have all fallen back into our routines: morning smoothies, Ruby tearing the house apart, family dinners, Mommy going to boot camp, everyone sleeping under the same roof each night... If you ever think you may be taking the little things for granted, try an extended hospital stay to remind you how much you cherish 'boring'. To say the kids have been excited to be together again is a huge understatement. Especially Maddux and Ruby; they have been inseparable.
Ruby has been the most busy of all; I scheduled speech therapies, physical therapy, Gigi's and a doctor's appointment during her stay home, plus we got her new arch supports fitted. Her PT was especially excited to see her, and she brought her an adorable CURE doll with pink hair (and a port!). Grandma and Grandpa were here for most of Ruby's week home also, which added to the fun. As sad as I am that we didn't get to go to the beach, as planned, this year's fall break is one we all enjoyed thoroughly.
Ruby got a little warm last Monday morning, but never near the temperature that required a call and/or visit to the clinic. When she did return to the clinic at the halfway point for a check-in, her numbers were GREAT! No need for hemoglobin or platelets and her ANC was 750! (That's really good!) During the rest of the week, Lehr and I got to practice 'flushing' her line, and we took her temperature at least a dozen times. Tomorrow is our last day home and Ruby is celebrating by attending school....words cannot even express my excitement!
Wednesday morning promises to be another big one: Ruby will have another bone marrow biopsy and another lumbar puncture. She will go straight from recovery back to the AFLAC unit and start chemo. She will remain there for another 21 days. This round should be a bit more 'intense', as the doctors put it, which means the side affects of the treatment should be felt more.

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