Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cape Day Atlanta

Today was #CapeDayATL. People all over the city wore superhero capes in honor of the little heroes fighting big battles. Since we are in the hospital, that was celebrated by CHOA big time. And since Ruby is fighting cancer, it's celebrated even more.
Maddux and Eli received gold capes (recognizing childhood cancer month) from the counselor at school; she obviously caught wind of what was going on with us and also had lunch with Maddux on Monday. The big kids wore them to school today in honor of Ruby, Emery (a first grader at their school who fought congenital heart stuff during her short life), and all of the other superhero kids.
This afternoon my parents brought the kids here to the hosptial to meet with the Family Life counselor so she could go over some of the medical stuff with them (in case we missed anything). She said they did really well and seem to understand everything. The three kids got to play for about 20 minutes before soccer practice, which made Ruby's day.

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