Monday, September 07, 2015

Chemo Free!

Lehr stayed with Ruby last night so that I could go to a worship service at our church with Eli and Maddux. They got to sing in a children's choir...this may have been their first time? As expected, Eli followed directions at rehearsal and stood still on stage. That boy is showing me maturity so much more these days...sometimes I don't even recognize him!

Maddux....well, she made it through. Once again, my girl struggles to not get pulled into less responsible choices. After the night was over and she and I were discussing one area during the service that she was struggling (chatting and being a distraction during the part of the service that she was not on stage), she told me, "But I didn't want to sit next to them" (referring to the girls she chose to sit with, which are friends - meaning a constant temptation for Maddux). I reminded her that she actually begged me to be able to sit with them, even though I reminded her that it may not be a good choice. In the end we had a good talk about the best decision is often the one you make before you're in a position to make the good or bad decisions we usually think of. (AKA - Don't put yourself in the position in the first place!)
Ruby had a good night and woke up with an appetite. Lehr said she ate bowls (bowlS) of cereal for breakfast and then the two of them went on a few walks away from the Aflac unit. (Now that she's off of chemo, she can leave the immediate area!) Ruby had a good lunch as well, followed by a killer nap. I switched out with him just before 4PM. Ruby woke up a little groggy and snuggly, but after dinner (not such a good success rate), she pepped up.

After dinner we were playing on the floor with puzzles when I noticed a pile of water. Upon further inspection, Ruby's IV had come unhooked. I have no idea how it happened since we were just sitting (compared to all of the times I've stressed about it happening when she's rolling around in bed or running away for the two seconds I put her feet to the ground!). It was no problem; the nurse came in and said she'd re-run a line in a few minutes. As soon as she was out of the door I got Ruby up and had her walk and 'jump' and do all of the things I haven't let her do all week. It felt like a breath of fresh air for 4-5 minutes!
Once we were hooked up again, I took her across the hall to the kids' playroom on our floor. She and I stacked blocks and played with Mr. Potato Head for about an hour before coming back and getting dressed for bed. The nurse came in to get her vitals just before 8 and I asked about the evening's oral meds. NONE!! The only one she may need is Zofran, but we are going to just wait and see if she needs it. YAY!!

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