Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's Add Something Else To Our Plates, Shall We?

Ruby had a great night with Grandpa Jim; she even slept until 8! I arrived just after that, but he and Grandma Cathie hung out for a while to eat breakfast and play with Ruby. Then she and I made our way to the gardens before working on speech. Rounds were very boring; Ruby is fine as fine could be. Her temporary fevers over the weekend didn't even warrant antibiotics, and she received platelets yesterday, which bumped her numbers up into the very good range.

Here's my newest challenge: potty training. Not something I would choose to do during the journey, but she's in the zone. I planned it once school started; the potty seat is ready to go at the house. It never happened during the summer because the older kids were too much of a distraction for me, but then we got a 3-week trip to CHOA, so my plans had to change. I was thinking to just wait until after our hospital stay, but then we got another 3-week trip added, pushing our date with the potty back at least another month, AND, she gets the diaper supplies for me the second she starts to go (the solid variety). She is very aware of what's going on, which means I need to act.

But how...

Here are my roadblocks:
  • she needs to stay so very clean to avoid any infection, and doesn't get daily baths (just a sponge bath)
  • our room needs to stay oh so clean, as we live there
  • she is on fluids all night, so even first thing in the morning, she is more 'full' than usual, and I'm not sure that it's reasonable to expect that she could control her bladder at that time
  • all of the meds she is on give her diarrhea
Aren't you so glad you decided to read my update today?!?!

Hopefully someone will read it that also had a child in the hospital around the same time and has some advice. Otherwise, I just lost a lot of readers.

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