Monday, November 02, 2015

Therapy Update

We don't receive services while in the hospital, but I do try to get as much speech and OT as I can into our days. Ruby is doing well with letter sounds and even some letter recognition. She will say 'Aaa-y' and 'beeeee' and 'deeee' when she sees those letters, and 'mmm', 'nnnn' and 'ooooh' when she sees those letters. I love it. Ruby does not give me most of the words that she can say spontaneously, but she does have so many words now. Her newer words are:
  • app-hhl (apple)
  • bussss (bus)
  • aaayt (eat)
  • hehp (help)
  • uhhg (hug)
  • isss (kiss)
  • nooo (no)
  • duhhhck (duck)
  • yahhhck (yak)
  • pea-sss (please)
Ruby is still working on threading beads on yarn...we work on it a lot and she is by no means there yet, but she's come a long way. She is getting better at feeding herself with a spoon and fork too. That is something we've worked on for probably a year, but every day I see improvements in her accuracy and cleanliness. She is also coming along with signing 'I love you'. That might seem like a speech thing, but it's a fine motor skill to get your fingers to operate that way, and she is darn close to it after trying so hard for two months now.

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