Saturday, November 28, 2015

No News is Good News

Ruby's initial cultures are negative, which means we are good so far. Her fever has not been present since before her first round of antibiotics, which is great. Even though her cough sounds horrible (which any cough she's ever had does), the doctors and nurses are encouraged that her lungs sound good.

This morning we had a visit from a respiratory nurse who had the fun job of suctioning out Ruby's nose and throat. Tiny tiny little tube that went oh-so far up/down my baby's nasal passage after saline was flushed. Needless to say, Ruby did not enjoy that, nor did I (I got to hold her down while it happened).

A few doctors came to see Ruby during rounds and were happy with everything so far. They even said that her ANC is starting (just slightly) to go up, and where we saw monocytes (precursors to a good white blood cell count) in her blood work yesterday, there were even more present today. That means she is already starting to trend up. I did not expect that to happen so quickly; we were still trending down on Wednesday.

As of this afternoon, we are on-track to go home tomorrow night, after the full 48-hours of culture growing fails to happen. Things that would change that return would be another fever or a change in the way Ruby's lungs sound.

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