Thursday, November 26, 2015


We were so fortunate to have Grandma Cathie and Grandpa Jim come back to visit for Thanksgiving. This trip was planned before Ruby's diagnosis and before we asked them to come help so much this fall, but no one wanted to forgo another opportunity to see each other. We did surprise the kids with Grandpa's visit; they knew Grandma was coming because of the join GG trip. He (Grandpa) surprised both older kids in a perfectly awesome way. Maddux came in from playing to use the restroom downstairs and he was in the adjacent bedroom making some noise so she investigated and he gave her a "Boo!" Eli was across the street playing basketball, so I brought him the phone (with Grandpa on it) to chat for a second. Eli walked slowly across the street, talking on the phone until he got just about to the driveway when he saw Grandpa standing by the garage, talking on the phone. He was so excited!
Unfortunately, Lehr came down with strep throat the night before Thanksgiving. He got antibiotics, but we still asked him to wear a medical mask all day (luckily we have a supply from Ruby's stash). Even though he felt bad, he was still able to hang out with us the whole day and pretend to not feel horrible.
The weather for Thanksgiving was amazing, so we did get some great outside time. We started off with Dutch Babies, which we usually do for holidays. Then Grandpa and Eli made tickets for a basketball game; we were all invited to watch on the back deck. Then we watched some of the Macy's Parade (Ruby LOVED all of the dancing and was more fun to watch her watching it!) Maddux got her toenails painted by Grandma and Ruby took a good nap. Dinner was perfect...everyone loved it except Ruby (she ended up with Cheerios instead). After dinner we took a short walk around the block because it was still about 55 degrees. We ended the night with apple crisp, pumpkin pie and board games after Ruby went to sleep. It was a great night.

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