Monday, November 23, 2015

Speech Update

So I really really really don't do a good job of getting Ruby's progress, especially speech, on video. I promise to try harder!

As much as I worry we are plateauing in a few areas, she is rocking in others. She still does not say a whole lot unprompted; she will give you 'more' every time she wants food, but has to be reminded to sign or say what type of food (usually not decipherable) and 'please'. When we work on flashcards and/or I prompt her for sentences in our daily activities, she gives me so much, but unprompted is our struggle.
One area she's excelling at (in my mommy-biased opinion) is her ability to say so many letters of the alphabet. I've been working on her with a flip book series since just before round two (so maybe the beginning of October?), and she knows so many letters and words by sight! She will say "a, b, c (kinda), d, e, f" great. Then she'll get caught back up at "l" and go through to "q". But even the ones she doesn't say well, she still gives an approximation. In this series, there is also a book for words starting with each letter. She will do "apple" and "bus" and "up" without any prompting at all; I only have to show her the page with the word on it (no picture).

If you want to smile, ask my girl to point to herself. When we do our family game of "Where's so-and-so?", Ruby loves to point to everyone mentioned, with a huge smile on her face. When you ask "Where's Ruby?", she used to pat her belly, but now she will often turn her pointer around towards her face.....seriously cute.

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