Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Another Change Up

Just before I picked Ruby up from school this morning, a schedule nurse called me to let me know that Ruby's counts (from her home-nurse blood draw yesterday morning) were not registering high enough to start chemo tomorrow. So we are backing up Round 3 another week; Ruby will go in for her lumbar puncture and chemo start next Wednesday.
For those keeping track, that makes two weeks total delay for round three, since originally she would have started last Wednesday, but we didn't even leave the hospital until that day.

I can't say that I'm disappointed by this. I know in the big picture it puts us another week involved in the leukemia and chemo process, but when you get granted an unexpected week to be at home with the entire family, it's hard to see anything but positive.

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Ms. T. said...

I hope you realize, Nicole, that there are countless people out here (like me) reading your blog, living your trials through your words, admiring you and your family, and praying with you that all things eventually turn out well. Joyce