Sunday, November 22, 2015

Four Generations

My grandmother came to visit us when Maddux was being dedicated to the church, in 2007 when she was still an infant. We then saw her in 2009, when my brother got married; the kids were two and four. So we were so excited when my parents said they were arranging for her to visit us this fall!
GG, as her great-grand kids call her, came to stay with us for about five days. Maddux and Eli loved hanging out with her and hearing her tell fun stories. She brought the kids some window stick-on decorations, which Maddux had up on the glass in about 10 seconds.
Eli wanted to have her take a photo with him at his science fair. Both older kids could not get enough of playing Rack-O with her; it is their rediscovered favorite game! Ruby warmed right up to GG; she was giving her hugs and kisses by the end of the night, even though she arrived at dinner time. She loved showing her some dance moves and her skills at saying "B!!".
It was so cool to have her with us; Lehr took a few photos of the girls all in one place at the same time. I'm feeling very blessed to have four generations of amazing women together this week!

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