Thursday, November 19, 2015

School Update

November has actually found Ruby at school more often than not at school! And she love love loves it. She smiles when we pull into the parking lot and gets so animated when we talk about it at home. It's so cool to see her playing at home, even more 'appropriately' than before. (That's a phrase new to me in the last year: appropriate play. Basically it means Ruby plays with a doll as a baby, and she plays with dishes in a play kitchen as dishes, and a car as a on and so on.) When Ruby and I are playing in her room, she is SO busy at her kitchen, filling up cups under the faucet (complete with sound affects) and putting food on plates, only to use a utensil to pick the food up and bring it to her mouth, followed by "MMMM!", of course.
Ruby did have to miss her Thanksgiving party this morning, unfortunately. She went to school that morning, but only an hour in, she spit up a little of her breakfast, so I had to pick her up. We've found her doing this a little more often lately; I think she can't handle as much food as she could before and this morning she definitely had a bigger breakfast. She didn't have a fever and was happy the rest of the day, unaware of the Turkey Day celebration she missed.

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