Monday, November 16, 2015

Little Mama

Ruby LOVES her baby dolls these days. Sometime just before this last hospital stay she started playing with them very intentionally. She would put one of them in her chair to eat, or set it on the couch with a dishrag over it like it was napping.
One day I was trying to keep her occupied while I was cleaning up the kitchen, so I gave her an empty oral syringe and told her to give her baby some medicine. Ruby walked to her doll, bent over her and put the syringe to her lips. Then she put the syringe on the ground and picked the doll up and made her move back and forth on her feet, all the while saying 'sst sst sst'. She was making the doll dance. See, when we give Ruby meds in the hospital, we always cheer and dance after we are done, to lighten the mood. My girl brought that little gem home to her babies.

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