Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sports Science

Eli has been working on a science project for the last two months. Every fifth grader has to come up with an original project/'question', complete experiment(s), and present the final project at the science fair just before Thanksgiving.

Obviously our house has been upside down since before this was assigned, so Lehr and I have been pretty hands off with this process. That is a good thing, but I do hate that we couldn't have been more involved in the process from a support standpoint.
Eli chose to test if footballs with different levels of inflation/deflation were easier to catch. Lehr helped him get a few new footballs and a great pump/gauge for him to perform his 'experiment' with. This weekend Eli did another chunk of research by throwing the different balls to friends and recording their results. I haven't checked with our scientist, but I think the jury is still out on deflategate.

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