Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ruby's Big Day Out

Today Ruby had her first appointment at the Emory Down Syndrome Center. We heard about the center when she was born, but had to wait until now to visit for her initial appointment due to her age. This center is just one more reason we love living in Atlanta; there are so many medical resources offered to us, regardless of what diagnosis gets thrown our way!

The appointment promised to be a lengthy one due to all of the information, questions, and exam that would occur during our visit. We were told the Emory Center would be a type of 'one-stop shop' for us in regards to keeping all of our various doctor appointments and tests on-point, and we found that to be true. First we saw a nurse who took some vitals, then a few genetic counselors, and finally the doctor. Dr. V is a developmental pediatrician who also specializes in genetics and Down syndrome. She was awesome and answered all questions we had (and even some we didn't). Ruby slept through part, fussed through part, ate through part, and performed through part; two hours is a long time for someone not even three months old!

Dr. V was pleased with what we told her was happening with our physical therapy, Babies Can't Wait, and Ruby's nursing. She urged us to call them if/when questions come up for us; she assured us that they are happy and willing to be our first call for anything concerning Ruby and her development. To celebrate the appointment, Ruby slept the rest of the day.

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