Monday, August 19, 2013

Night Shift

When Ruby was born, Lehr and I decided that once we thought she was ready for a bottle, he would feed her at the 11PM time slot, to allow me a little extra sleep. (My alarm clock goes off at 4:30am with or without her.) She's a rockstar, chugging that bottle for him, and it's been quite a while since she's needed anything other than that between the hours of 8PM and 7AM. Unfortunately, because we do reserve the bottle for that late night slot, the kids hadn't had a chance to feed her much yet. After Eli's party, however, I had a dinner to go to, so the kids got to help Daddy feed her just before bedtime. They love, love, love doing that. Maddux really got into it, dabbing her lips when some spilled. And Eli got all snuggled in his bed before Daddy brought Ruby to him, because he wants so much to have her sleep with him some night.

A few nights later, Maddux got to feed Ruby again, purely unplanned. Lehr had just started to give Ruby her 11PM-er when Maddux woke up to go to the bathroom. Lehr called her in and let her take over for him. I didn't get to witness it, but Lehr said both girls slept through the feeding.

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