Thursday, August 22, 2013

Test, One, Two...

Third Grade. While it's still not 'grown up' with letter grades or lockers, Eli's class this year is a step up in the maturity department. No longer does he have any type of centers or hand holding in the class. He and his classmates are expected to write their own homework down in their "navigator" (day-planner type notebook calendar), they get percentage grades on assignment and they will have standardized tests out the wazoo over the course of the year. The biggest thing right now is social studies tests. Eli's teacher started teaching on Greek Democracy right out of the gate, and Eli brought home a study guide after the first two days of school. We then found out that Eli was supposed to be reviewing that on his own as he'd have a test on the information from class(also included in the guide) at the end of the unit in a few weeks. We set up a folder on Eli's desk in his room where he could store these study guides, and we talked about how we (and he) needed to review them at least a few times each week.

Between other homework and life's busy-ness, I didn't get a chance to work with him until today. I asked Eli to pull out his study guide before he went outside to play with William, and he lightly protested, saying he knew it already. I told him that if he did, this 'quiz' would go by quickly, but I still had to check in on his progress. He wasn't bluffing! The study guide just reads like a text book, providing paragraphs of info about the topic, so I skimmed through and asked random questions of my own. He answered every one of them correctly and in his own words. Love it! I'm totally impressed with my little man's work ethic so far; he's starting off the year wonderfully!

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