Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Gotta Keep Your Head Up

Ruby is still trucking right along with PT, doing therapy sessions with Babies Can't Wait once a week, and once or twice a day at home with me (and Lehr and the kids too!). All of her hard work is definitely paying off! Most of the exercises we are doing know resemble some type of tummy time and focus on her neck, back, and trunk strength. We dabble in some sitting exercises (very assisted, of course), and a few 'pec' workouts while she's lying on her back or side.

This morning I had Ruby on the floor in my room, doing our rolling exercises. That girl was amazing! I didn't catch it on video, but she would barely be on her stomach before pushing off and rolling to her back again. She and I played back and forth with that routine for a good 3-4 minutes straight, her meeting my roll with a roll of her own every time. Finally she slowed down and hung out on her stomach for tummy time. That's when I pulled out the camera. Check out how controlled, high and stable her head and neck are!!!

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Ms. T. said...

I'm impressed with Ruby, must more so your amazing adjustment to doing everything in your power to help her develop well. God saw the diligence you put into getting Eli into shape and knew you were the perfect mother for Ruby.