Monday, August 12, 2013


Ruby has been giving me little 'reflexive' smiles for about a month now. As she's drifting off to sleep she would turn up one, and sometimes both, corners of her mouth and give me an adorable grin. Today she gave me an extra helping of those just after therapy when she was half asleep/half awake. But I know none of those was a 'real' smile out of pure joy.

Fast forward to tonight. Just before Ruby's bath (after the big kids went to bed), Lehr and I were hanging out with her in her room. I had Ruby on my shoulder and she was messing around, holding her neck up and checking things out, like any other 'big girl' would do. At one point she locked eyes with me and was absolutely rocking a steady was unbelievable. Then she totally, 100% smiled, SMILED, at me. (Lehr was there; he can vouch for me.) It was so awesome and so so so adorable. I don't know how I've gone the last two months without getting to see it. And now that I know she can do it, you know I won't let her go a day without flashing me that toothless grin.

Next time, I'll have a camera.

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