Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tri Training

The kids are getting excited about their triathlon in a few weeks. This will be Eli's second and Maddux's first. While we didn't do as extensive of a training schedule as last year, the kids swim laps weekly, if not daily, and biking is part of their regular routine. The last two weeks have found the kids at their school after hours a few times; they like to practice their running on "Big Red". Eli has a time in mind for his 1/2 mile run, so he's been trying to beat that. Maddux is just trying to make it the whole way without walking....we're not there yet.

This week we practiced our transitions. Eli remembered everything from last year and set up his station like a pro. Organized and thought-out, I'd have expected nothing less from my first-born. Maddux's was a bit more disheveled (the towel 'base' was even folded up and disorderly) and random; also just as I'd expected. They both had a great time going through the motions of swimming, transition, biking, transition, running. I think they're going to have a blast.

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