Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mini Me

As much as I claim that Maddux is nothing like me, there are some things about her that are very like me. She is always the first one to join me for a workout, and she is a rockin' hiker. This last weekend, I invited the kids to join me for a workout outside. Maddux was the only one who wanted to come. We did a few exercises in the driveway and then ran up the street. She could not make it all the way up the hill, so she would go as far she could and then turn around and wait for me in the driveway. But she wouldn't just wait; she would be doing exercise when I returned. The first time I returned? Burpees. All on her own. Second time was push-ups. This girl is amazing.

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Courtney said...

She is SUCH a cool kid. So glad we got to visit and hang out with her (and the rest of you) because she was such an awesome little hostess.