Sunday, August 25, 2013


Last year, Eli competed in his first Triathlon. We trained all summer and he had a great experience. Maddux wasn't old enough, but we have been talking about her competing as well all year. Unfortunately, with the arrival of Ruby, our training has not been nearly as consistent this time around. Truth be told, it's been almost non-existent. The kids swam enough with swim team to train up for that part, so 'check'. We went for a few longer bike rides, so we'll call that 'close enough'. Two or three times, Lehr or I have taken them to the school to run their track four times (1/2 mile - the distance of the final tri leg): 'that'll do'. Finally, I had them work on their transitions last week, using the driveway as the transition area and the cul-de-sac as the race course. Eli sailed right through, remembering his strategy from last year. He and I tried to help Maddux keep her area orderly, but she opted for a more relaxed workspace. (She made it through her clothing change, but it did take longer because she was a little spread out.)

Today was the day to put all four components to the test. We got up at 5AM, all 5 of us, and loaded into the car. Check-in for body marking and transition loading was 6:15AM; race started at 7:40. It was actually a little chilly this morning, but both kids brought sweatshirts to wear before the sun came up. They lined up together (their numbers were only 5 apart); Drew also completed the race and had a number near them, which Eli was very happy about. The kids sailed through their swim, did great on their bike, and sprinted their run. The boys did very well, which was expected given that they were basically neck and neck the whole race (Drew finished first). Maddux was a bit behind them, but she really held her own. I felt bad that we hadn't trained her as much, but the great number of volunteers helped keep her on course. She walked a little of the run, but ended strong and earned her medal. (The race distance was 100m swim, 3 mile bike, .5 mile run. Eli: 28:51, Maddux: 42:07)

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