Monday, July 20, 2015

Lemonade Sale

Maddux and our friend, Virginia, had the idea last year to have a neighborhood lemonade sale to raise funds for Team Ruby for the Buddy Walk. We supported their efforts, but never expected the success they had. This year we planned a little more, prepared a little more, and had a great turnout.
For months, the kids and I (emphasis on "I") have been making loom bracelets for the sale, trying to focus on more red and white ones (the kids say those are official Team Ruby colors). We made some cookies, mixed up a bunch of lemonade, and the girls made new signs for down the street and at our stand. I put out the info on Facebook for the week leading up to the sale, in an effort to bring in some extra traffic.
We only held the sale for two hours, but we brought in double the profit from last year! We were humbled by the amount of friends and family that traveled from all over Atlanta to come and support Ruby and the Buddy Walk. It was amazing to see the cars pull in and park....every time someone else showed up it was like a party. We wore our shirts, and some of our patrons wore theirs also. In addition to our far away supporters, we had a few people from the neighborhood stop by and ask about our cause. Very cool.

At the end of the day, we brought in $350 AND had a $200 donation to add to our efforts; over $500!

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