Saturday, July 25, 2015


Maddux was so disappointed when we realized she was not old enough to go to sleep away camp last year, so this week at Winshape has been a loooong time coming.

Before she went, we got to choose some activities for her to focus on while she was there. Of course there would be swimming and outdoor games and dance parties and bunk shenanigans, but in addition, Maddux chose to learn more about rock climbing, wet'n'wild fun and arts and crafts.
To say she had a good time is an understatement. We all drove up to Young Harris college campus to drop her off: Eli was all eyes, comparing the girls' camp to his camp. Before we left her, he and Ruby dressed up in some props with Maddux to take some pictures.
We brought Maddux up to her dorm room, which she shared with three other girls. We met her main leader, who stayed in the room adjoining Maddux's and another room with three or four girls. They shooed us out rather quickly so they could get the bonding started.
Each night she was gone, I checked the site for photos including Maddux. Every one told a story of fun and smiles. Her leader sent us a postcard raving about Maddux and her ability to be a caregiver to every girl in their group.
When we picked Maddux up at the end of the week, she and a few of the other girls were absolutely inseparable. Moms' numbers were exchanged, as some live in the Atlanta area, and hugs were given freely. I think Maddux has caught the camp bug!

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