Friday, July 10, 2015

Week of Maddux

Here we are with Eli gone at overnight camp; just me and the girls all day everyday. I intentionally signed Eli and Maddux up for their overnight camps to not overlap so that I could get some one-on-one with each over the summer. It already feels like it flies by so fast, and when they are here, whether bickering or getting along, it can be hard to slow down and have those intentional moments.

So we did a lot of not-so-memorable stuff together that was fun: made bracelets, ran errands and got lunch, went to Gigi's. Those things were still full of good conversation and the such, but they were more run of the mill activities. The bigger events for us included going to see sunflowers, the girls going for a play date when I was at the dentist, only to be followed up by a long pool play date, meeting Daddy for a lunch date and King of Pops, and going to one of Maddux's favorite parks.
Last year I took Eli and Ruby to see the sunflowers while Maddux was at Art camp. It was awesome and Maddux definitely wanted to go, but the season was so short that we never made it back. I planned for us to go while Eli was at camp because it should have lined up with the beginning of the blooms. Unfortunately, we drove all of the way out there only to see no blooms. The good news was, there was a nice walking trail about a mile before the sunflowers, so I unloaded the girls there to walk around a bit before getting back in the car for the lengthy ride home. Maddux and Ruby walked along the bridge and I got some great pictures of my girls; a great day indeed.
The park and the pool had some great moments too, but no pictures. Mostly I tried my best to talk about what Maddux enjoys talking about (which is not easy for me as we are opposites in many ways). Lots of family game nights with her and Lehr after Ruby went to bed, and at least we snuggled on the couch and watched Nature shows.

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