Sunday, July 12, 2015

Away From Home

Eli went to Winshape overnight camp again this year. Last year he did the one-week (5 nights) camp, and he opted to not extend this year, which made me very happy. He and Drew both went the same week, just like last year. They were not in the same bunk, which wasn't a surprise, but they also were not in any of their track choices together. I think this may have made Eli nervous last year, but he was fine with it this time around.
When we dropped Eli off, he settled right in. What a difference a year makes! This year's camp was at a different location, so the boys stayed in dorms instead of cabins. Eli and three other boys shared a small room with bunkbeds, and they shared a bathroom space with four more boys. Their entire squad, Hydro, was on the same floor. This made for cool decorating in their squad colors. Their was also a carpet ball table on each floor for the boys to play in their downtime.
Throughout the five days he was away from us, Eli learned how to make a teepee fire, worshiped at sunset on a hill, learned a handful of new games involving a ball, met new friends, and had an overall awesome time again. He and his bunkmates won the Honor award for their squad because they kept their room the cleanest each day (What?!?!), and Eli was recognized for his squad in his sports track.
My favorite part about the day we went to pick Eli up was when we entered his hall and called his name, he turned around and he and Maddux ran to each other and hugged.

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