Friday, July 24, 2015

Therapy Update

Ruby has NOT taken the summer off. Some weeks have even found this girl with four seperate therapy appointments (plus her work at home). She is a rockstar!
Physical Therapy:
We don't need this therapy as critically now that she's walking, but we are still working to strengthen Ruby's core with rotation exercises. (She will sit between my legs on the floor and I'll have toys on either side of her that she needs to transfer across her body, sometimes leaning, sometimes not.) We also strengthen her trunk and arms with monkey bar-like grabs and holds (using a broom stick). For the same reason, we have some soft weights that Ruby moves around the downstairs: from couch to couch, from floor to table. She really loves this! Finally, we are still working on her walking over obstacles (small ones like bumps or sidewalk cracks, She usually doesn't want to slow down to step over these things, but the good news about that is that she is learning how to deal with the uneven surface(s) without falling.

Rock and roll. Some days she gives us oh-so many word approximations. Some are recognizable just to me, but many are recognized by others even without my presence. Ruby is working on and can mostly say: eat, more, I did it, mama, dada, eggs, book, yes, i love you (you'd have to really pay attention for that one), I want, please. She makes animal sounds for a cow, dog, pig, monkey.....and Daddy snoring.

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