Tuesday, July 07, 2015

ER x 2

So Ruby decided to visit the ER twice in less than two weeks. Not really bragging rights, if you ask me!

The first visit was due to a small fall in the house. Ruby has always tried to be faster on her feet than her balance with allow for which means she needs to put her hands down to steady herself from time to time. (read: she falls, but catches herself with her hands instead of going all of the way down.) That's what happened while I was at a photo shoot one Saturday morning, but on the way down, her mouth hit the safety gate and her tooth sliced a deep gash in her upper lip. I walked in to Maddux hysterical on the floor, cleaning up a pool of blood and Eli trying to explain to Lehr exactly what happened.
Ruby stopped crying after a little mouth clean, but we still took her to the ER. Even though we knew that mouth injuries heal very fast, we didn't want to take the chance of something healing incorrectly and interfering with all of the hard work she's putting in at speech.

Lehr took both girls while Eli and I stayed home; since Ruby was not in need of comforting, we figured the less commotion at the hospital the better. In the end, Lehr paid for a very expensive Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Popsicle and got sent home.
Ruby's second visit happened just before the fireworks on Independence Day. We were loading up for an errand and Ruby got her pinky shut in the car door. It wasn't slammed and she recovered quickly, but the finger looked bent and swollen, so away we went again. They did an x-ray and examined her; clean bill of health again. The doctor was confident everything would return to normal quickly.

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