Sunday, August 03, 2014

Lemonade for Team Ruby

This weekend was awesomeness. It was one of those great weekends that just happened. No plans, no schedules, just neighborhood fun. Friday afternoon found the kids and I playing in the front yard, and then the backyard. Somewhere along the way, we picked up our neighbors in our games. Virginia was talking about a lemonade stand on and off, but it was suggested we hold it over the weekend to pull in more traffic.
Fast forward to Saturday, another awesome outside play-day. One activity just melted into the next and at some point the girls were in Virginia's house making signs for the lemonade stand, which was now slotted for Sunday afternoon. The girls came over to ask me for a picture of Ruby because they wanted the lemonade sale to go for the Buddy Walk.

Can you say 'awesome'?

So just after church on Sunday, we put "Ruby is a Gem" shirts on everyone and went up the hill to set up shop. Virginia had cookies, rainbow loom bracelets, and lemonade. The girls' signs were great, and we even had a tip jar!
Maddux only spilled two or three cups, and only dumped a few handfuls of ice throughout the afternoon. We had LOTS of traffic coming to support the girls. Aunt Megan came all of the way across town, and many friends came from all over East Cobb.
The final count? $130!! Somewhere along the line, Virginia's dad said his firm would match the proceeds too, so big win for Team Ruby!

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