Sunday, June 29, 2014

VBX 2014

So fun.
Every year this week is SO fun.

Ruby got to hang out with the other babies for the first time this year. She did not think that was SO fun. She did ok, but considering the hours were 5:30-8:30PM (bedtime, anyone?), and most of the other babies had fussy moments, she opted to voice her protest a few times as well. The awesome mommies that were in the nursery each night walked with her and rocked with her and kept her happy, but I don't think VBX is on her favorite things list yet.
Eli and Maddux, on the other time, still love it. This year's theme was Pirates and X Marks The Spot. Maddux had many friends in her group, as did Eli. Water balloons, pirate ships, eye patch wisdom, worship song and was awesome. The week was made even better when Lehr volunteered himself for a guide-game which turned out to be a dance contest. 

Oh yes, it did deliver.

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