Monday, June 09, 2014

Stuffed Scribbles

For Ruby's first birthday, I wanted to help the kids get her something really special...hopefully something that she'd have for years and be able to one day know that they gave her when she turned one. I randomly saw a stuffed animal made from a drawing online around the time she was born, and that sounded like the perfect gift. Tracking down a vendor that was still creating them OR not in too high a demand that they were still accepting orders was a little tricky, but by March, I'd secured someone who could guarantee a May delivery: Stuffed Scribbles.

When I posed the idea to Maddux and Eli, they both thought on it and came up with the idea to make dolls of themselves rather than an animal. Their reasoning was that she would be lonely when they were in school all day, so the dolls would help her have them with her always.


They did a few rough drafts, but ended up with these drawings.

The final products arrived a few weeks before her birthday.

Ruby loves them.

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