Sunday, June 08, 2014

Therapy Update

Try as I might, I cannot seem to keep up with Ruby's therapy updates. She moves so fast through her milestones, meeting goal after goal! This update has a little less progress, but that's only in comparison.

Physical Therapy
She has not made much strides in this area lately. She is not crawling or cruising, BUT she is taking one 'step' crawl here and there. We are still working tirelessly on army and regular crawling. Ruby will stand at a short table or couch level support and play for a long time, and she will pull from sitting on a seat to standing as many times as you'll let her.

Occupational Therapy
Ruby is waving. A lot. She loves to wave at people and will do so again and again and again. She will imitate some actions (banging toys when we do, dragging toys when we do, etc.), but has yet to imitate sounds on cue.

Speech Therapy
Ruby is saying 'MUHH!' and signing more. She will give 'dadadada' all day long, but not in reaction to Lehr (so it's just a babble at this point). She will sometimes sign all done, and she will sometimes point to her hair or nose when asked to.

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