Monday, June 23, 2014

Look Out!

One of the most anticipated moments of her short life so far occurred this afternoon; Ruby crawled!!

Pretty much every exercise we've done with Ruby, almost every single PT session, and the majority of our 'play' has been in an effort to prepare Ruby for mobility. While she's been rolling, sitting up, and inching her arms and toes to move around her play area for quite some time now, she has yet to army crawl or even inch worm so far. Today things took a big turn.

Just before nap time I told the kids that I was going to do some PT with Ruby for about 20 minutes. I started with her version of pull-ups and progressed to working on cruising. (She stands forever, but doesn't appear to want to cruise.) It was a particularly frustrating session as Ruby was not showing any progress on the cruising things I've been working very hard on with her every day for the last week. To finish out our time, I enticed her with some puffs to do some army crawling. This is another area I've been working with the same set of exercises with for a looong time with no progress. Much to my surprise, Ruby resisted almost immediately, but it was because she decided to try the REAL crawl instead of the army crawl. HOOAH!!

After a few passes, I had the kids video a few attempts. Of course her best runs were not caught on film, but we still got a good representation.

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