Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bright Eyes

Ruby had a minor surgery on her eyes this week to 'unplug' her tear ducts. Even though the other kids had weepy eyes for the better part of their first year, they self-corrected just before surgery was needed. Ruby still looks like she's always got a tear on her cheek. In this process I've learned that our eyes are constantly tearing, to clean the lens, etc. The part that's plugged is the 'drain' for the tears. Instead of Ruby's draining (into her nose, actually), they pool up and spill onto her cheeks.
The whole family went to the surgery. It was such a quick procedure that Lehr and I figured it was easier to just go than to try and find kid coverage so early in the morning. Ruby and I got to the surgery center bright and early, and Lehr and the older kids trailed behind, arriving just before Ruby was taken back to be put under. Once they took her, we were moved to a post-op room and Ruby returned to us within a half hour. Adorable little sleeping baby on a big stretcher. She woke up pretty quickly after that, cried for a few minutes (very briefly, actually) and then sipped on some juice. Good as gold. The kids and I took her home and she was happy and herself the rest of the day.

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