Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Another Maddux Funny

That girl....
I make up 'morning work' for the kids each morning. In an effort for them to not lose everything they learned in the last year(s), they do some math and/or reading and/or logic each morning while they eat breakfast. Nothing crazy, but enough to keep their brains from rotting.
This morning I incorporated some good ole language arts. Maddux's work required her to identify some adverbs, some pronouns and some synonyms. She had forgotten what each of those was, so we went through them one by one.
When we got to synonyms, I asked her if she knew what that was. She looked at me a little quizzically and then said, "Shhhh Shh Shh", as she made a shaking motion with her hand. "You know, like on yogurt." And then she put her hand down and looked at me very seriously, indicating that she absolutely meant what she just proclaimed.
They don't make many like this one....

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Stephan & Mary said...

Awww . . . there's a Berstein Bears episode where Sister Bear makes the same mistake. It's now a joke in our house - Synonym Rolls, Synonym Toast, etc.