Monday, June 02, 2014

Heart Check

When Ruby was born, one of the many specialists that came to check her out was a cardiologist. At the time, the doctor found that Ruby was in great health; she had a small opening in her heart, but he assured us that the vast majority of infants have the same at birth. Should we have encountered any irregularities, or our general doctor heard any murmur during her routine check-ups, we would revisit before a year. That didn't happen, so our appointment on Friday was the first appointment we had since last summer.

To spare you the suspense: Ruby was given the all-clear.
The nurses and PA's and techs came and listened and hooked her up to wires and listened again and hooked her up to a few other wires and listened again. Towards the end of the listening, one of them commented that her appointment may end up being one of the shortest ever. (That would be a GOOD thing.) And when the cardiologist came in to meet us (the same one we saw when Ruby was born), he confirmed that we would not have to complete any more tests: Ruby's heart is perfect. He then went on to inform us that she wouldn't need to see a cardiologist again EVER unless something new developed. Music to our ears!

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